Change It Up: Trending Apartment Décor in Oakland

Do you want to have a sense of pride over your Oakland apartments again? If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably spent the majority of time staying indoors, which could obviously get monotonous. A fun activity that could warm your spirits is to redecorate your apartments. There are lots of ways you can decorate them without putting your security deposit in jeopardy.

To learn how to effectively redecorate your apartments, read some of the tips below:

1. Diffuse the Color Scheme- Aside from the color of paint on the walls (which you would have to check with the administration if you can change), what is the predominant color happening in your apartments? Is that color still serving you, or is it getting monotonous still seeing that color scheme every day? If you feel like a color change would benefit you, consider doing something opposite of what you already have going on right now. For instance, if right now you have an earth-tone scheme, it may be time to go for a bolder color scheme. This means to get different rugs, paintings, and accessories.

2. Add More Accents- Speaking of accessories, maybe your Oakland apartments could benefit from some accents, such as succulents, framed records, paintings, potted plants, and other little things you could find online on Amazon or Ikea. Remember, right now is not the time to go out and shop. Be sure to acquire these things online!

3. Move Your Furniture Around- Perhaps, the layout of your apartments isn’t serving you anymore. If this is the case, then try moving around your furniture to create some extra space for workouts or meditating. Don’t lift anything that can hurt you, and try lifting with a partner.

Hopefully, these tips helped you if you had the idea of decorating your Oakland apartments in mind.