Decorate Your 777 Broadway Apartment for a festive Holiday Season


Hanging mistletoe doesn’t have to be the only decorative option for your apartment this year at 777 Broadway. While the tradition of holiday charity in your humble abode never gets old, adding new festive decorations can also help turn your apartment into a cozy home fit for the holidays. Check out the different DIY projects below that are sure to bring holiday cheer to any guests, friends, or family members who visit your home.

Decorations That Transition From Christmas Into the New Year

Incandescent Christmas lights are a beautiful and inexpensive way to create that cozy holiday look. You can choose to use all-white stringed lights for a winter wonderland feel or use colored stringed lights for a more festive glow. Not only are incandescent stringed lights a trending Christmas item, using stringed lights allows you to decorate for two special holidays, Christmas and New Year, all at once.

Another excellent transitional idea for your apartment is using holiday colors in your decorating. For your living room, you can use beige or off-white colors for your sofa. For the dining room, you can choose to use a table cloth and placemats that include holiday colors red, green, and silver or use coverings that include holiday patterns.

Your Winter Wonderland Checklist

  1. Scented Candles: A great, alternative way to bring light and holiday aroma into your apartment. You can choose to use them as just apartment decor or light each candle for a more festive atmosphere.
  2. Peppermint candy canes: Go ahead and lay candy canes around your apartment as decor. The aforementioned is also great with young guests.
  3. A Christmas tree: This may seem like a Christmas-only decoration, but many people leave it up through the New Year for the soft-glow ambiance of the lights.

Holiday decorations that last the whole season

Living in an apartment offers a whole host of ideas for holiday decorating. With these tips, you can create a winter wonderland that will last through to New Year. Use our checklist to decorate your home for the holiday season perfectly.