Getting a Good Night’s Rest at 777 Broadway

Grey sheets disheveled

Our bodies and brains require a good night’s rest to function. However, many people find it difficult to fall and stay asleep. Fortunately 777 Broadway Apartments, in Oakland, CA, offers several amenities and floorplans to ensure you get a better night’s rest.


Before Heading to Bed

Experts recommend writing before bed to suppress anxious thoughts. 777 Broadway features some floorplans specifically designated for creativity. Consider using this room as a space to express your thoughts before you climb into bed.

Tips for a Good Night’s Rest

Stress can majorly impact your sleeping patterns. Learning how to breathe when preparing for bed correctly is an essential destresser. While every apartment at 777 Broadway provides a comfortable space for residents to relax, some find it helpful to have a room dedicated to relaxation. There are a variety of floorplans where residents can relax before they get into bed, many of which feature rooms where residents can breathe and calm down before climbing into bed.

The Importance of Location and Sleep

In addition to relaxation techniques, exercise is essential for a night of healthy sleep. 777 Broadway is located near the historic Jack London Square, where residents can jog, bike, and even kayak. Visit Jack London Square during the day so that you can feel relaxed and ready to sleep at night.

Products for a Good Night’s Rest

Finally, consider trying healthy sleep supplements like melatonin. Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Melatonin Sleep Soak is an excellent choice when taking warm, soothing baths and is found at most drug and convenience stores.


From the floor plans to the convenient, central location, 777 Broadway has everything residents need to get a good night’s rest. When it comes to stress-free apartment living, 777 Broadway is a great choice. Follow the tips listed above and get the sleep you deserve tonight.