Our Favorite Fall 2021 Decor Ideas For 777 Broadway Apartments


It’s hard to imagine 2021 is nearing the end. To celebrate the new fall season, add a twist to your apartment decor with a few small touches that bring your space to life. With these trending decor tips, apartment living at 777 Broadway is sure to be cozy and comforting this autumn.

Our Favorite Fall ’21 Trends

Implementing practical and aesthetically pleasing interior decor is easy with a few trending ideas. These include adding various colors, accessories, plants, and textures, such as velvet, leather, wood, metal, linen, and more. By layering textures on top of one another, you’ll instantly lift the mood and vibrancy during the fall months.

How to Adapt These Trends for Your Apartment

Indoor Plants and Flowers

An easy way to add a pop of color to your apartment is by bringing in a few native Californian plants and flowers to your living spaces. These include woolly blue curls, Heuchera maxima, Encelia Californica, and the famous California poppy. These natives are the perfect way to represent your surroundings and to incorporate fall’s aroma. 


Another way of adding color is through accessories and textures. Lift a room with smells of fall through the use of beeswax candles, whole spices, and pine cones. To practically adapt to the cooler months, add rugs, blankets, and towels that represent fall colors, including yellows, mustards, oranges, reds, and browns in a variety of textures that can be purchased at your local vintage store or Pottery Barn.

Make Fall 2021 a Season to Remember

You can expand on these tips to suit your taste by adding simple touches to each room. For example, use a straw basket to hold your toilet paper rather than storing it in a cupboard. Enjoy the new season with these simple tips representing trending decor designs yet still giving off those warm, fuzzy fall vibes.