Five Easy Recipes for a Delicious Picnic this Spring Season


Oakland is a beautiful place in the springtime, and now’s a great time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. You’re in the middle of the action at your 777 Broadway apartment, and there are lots of easy recipes that you can make in your kitchen to enjoy a nice picnic with friends and family. Read on for some delicious spring season recipes.

Easy Recipes to Try in Your Kitchen

Springtime is the best time to picnic because there are so many fruits and vegetables in season that you can add to easy recipes for a great meal. Your picnic menu will depend on whether it’s family, friends, or a romantic picnic for two. Depending on the company you’re keeping, you can customize your meal, but there’s nothing like a classic picnic menu.

Here are five recipes that should be on your picnic menu:

Remember to pack everything in ice or use reusable ice packs so that your food remains cold and safe for eating. Lemonade is a great picnic beverage that everyone can enjoy, or you might opt for a bottle of wine.

Enjoying the Weather Outdoors

777 Broadway has its rooftop deck with a cooking area, so if you want to stay close to home for your picnic, you can load up your picnic basket and head to the roof.

If you’re looking to get out of the city to make a day of your picnic, head to Joaquin Miller Park. The tall trees will swallow you up as you explore this 500-acre park.

Easy Recipes and Picnic Ideas

There are lots of picnic ideas to make your picnic enjoyable. You can purchase a picnic basket to meet your needs, whether it’s a traditional basket or a stocked backpack with plates and utensils. Once you have everything you need, you can cook up tasty spring season recipes and have a picnic whenever you want.