Having Fun This Holiday in Your Apartment: Decorations, Activities, and Baked Desserts!


How can you make the most of this cold Winter season? We can name a few ways, from fun indoor games to sweet holiday desserts. There is so much you could do within your 777 Broadway apartment.

Staying Indoors: Games and Desserts

Staying indoors doesn’t sound fun to the average person; however, there are ways to make the indoors more interesting for you and your friends. For instance, there are so many fun indoor games you can play to pass the time. These include:

Snow Ball Sock Fight – Split your friends into two equal teams and throw around some “snowballs” (socks). It’s just as fun as the outdoor version of a snowball fight.
Speed Wrapping – This is a great game to use up all that leftover Christmas present wrapping paper. Wrap gifts and toys as quickly as possible in a race against one another.
Truth or Dare – Everyone’s heard about and/ or played this game at least once. Gather your friends around and dare each other or tell each other’s truth in a friendly game of truth or dare.

With all these fun indoor games being played, you and your friends will want something sweet to boost your energy. How about some :

  • Blondies and ice cream
  • Warm rice pudding
  • Choc chip cookies and warm milk
  • Sticky toffee pudding
  • Caramel Chocolate pudding

Holiday for the End of the Year

What are the holidays without festive christmas decorations? There are some excellent apartment winter trends you can utilize, such as cozycore. This decorating method will help you create a cozy atmosphere within your apartment.

Cozycore encompasses bringing those sophisticated layers into your apartment to create that perfect atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Layer up your 777 Broadway apartment with different textiles and colors, perfect for this cold winter season.

Put Up Your Christmas Decorations

It’s not just Winter but also nearing the festive season. It’s the perfect time to put up your Christmas decorations and delve into the festivities. Make the ultimate most of this season.