Summer Recipes You Have to Try


If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity for a dining experience, You have your chance this summer. Welcome your family and friends to your 777 Broadway apartment for mouthwatering summer recipes. For flavors of the season, try out the recipes below lined up to upgrade your apartment living experience this season.

Delicious Recipes for the Summer

  1. Watermelon Mint Salad
    The best way to stay cool this summer is to try the delightful watermelon mint salad. Add ice cubes and aromatic mint leaves to a fresh juicy watermelon, and make yourself a rejuvenating salad that will satisfy your cravings this season.
  2. Buffalo Cauliflower Bites
    If you want to try a summer vegan recipe, you can turn to buffalo cauliflower this season. One way to prepare them is by coating them in seasoned sauce, baking them until crispy-golden and serving them with fresh blue cheese or ranch.

Using Your Kitchen Space to the Fullest

Take advantage of the ample space of your 777 Broadway apartment kitchen space this season with trending apartment living hacks and kitchen trends. Below are two valuable tips to help you utilize your kitchen space fully.

  1. Organize for Efficiency
    The power of an organization is vital when it comes to utilizing your kitchen space. Invest in space-saving organizers, hooks and racks for your utensils. Kitchen supply shops such as the nearby Pacific Kitchen Life bring creative kitchen gadgets closer to you, helping you get started.
  2. The Vertical Herb Garden
    Utilize every inch of your kitchen with the vertical herb garden, allowing you to install indoor plants without wasting space. The nearby Pacific Kitchen Life is an excellent place to shop for fantastic kitchen assortments.

Kitchen trends for you this summer

Take your culinary adventures to the next level using the latest kitchen trends. The above recipes will help you make the most of your summer season in California this season. So get your family and friends together for an elevated culinary experience this summer.

DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving at 777 Broadway


As Autumn rolls through the Bay Area, 777 Broadway Apartments wants to offer you some tips and ideas to spruce up your fall decor in celebration of the season! Apartment living doesn’t have to limit your creativity, and you may find these tips will help you create interior decor to be proud of. Let’s make fall 2021 one to remember with these handy trending decor ideas.

Why DIY?

There are several great reasons to create DIY seasonal decorations, so let’s look at a few of them here. By making your decor pieces yourself, you can custom-build everything to fit into your space. Matching color schemes, appropriate sizing, and utilizing floral elements or other design aspects that are appealing to you will help to make your creations feel like they fit in your home.

DIY creations are also excellent ways to utilize downtime. Whether you’re spending time with friends, partners, or little ones, it can be an inclusive activity to help bring people together. Self-made creations can also be a fantastic way to decorate on a budget. By planning your design, shopping for the best deals on materials, and putting it together yourself, you can save yourself from paying the markup that home decor stores charge on their products.

Perhaps the most critical aspect of the DIY design is the versatility that it brings. Making your decor items yourself offers you the option to reuse elements for future innovations. Several Halloween decoration staples- pumpkins, gourds, hay, and corn- work perfectly when creating designs for thanksgiving.

Create Trending Decor Items For Fall 2021

When creating your DIY design, remember that your imagination only limits you. Look through design blogs, social media posts and talk to your neighbors. A little planning and work can help you create impressive interior decor designs for fall 2021 and beyond.

Our Favorite Fall 2021 Decor Ideas For 777 Broadway Apartments


It’s hard to imagine 2021 is nearing the end. To celebrate the new fall season, add a twist to your apartment decor with a few small touches that bring your space to life. With these trending decor tips, apartment living at 777 Broadway is sure to be cozy and comforting this autumn.

Our Favorite Fall ’21 Trends

Implementing practical and aesthetically pleasing interior decor is easy with a few trending ideas. These include adding various colors, accessories, plants, and textures, such as velvet, leather, wood, metal, linen, and more. By layering textures on top of one another, you’ll instantly lift the mood and vibrancy during the fall months.

How to Adapt These Trends for Your Apartment

Indoor Plants and Flowers

An easy way to add a pop of color to your apartment is by bringing in a few native Californian plants and flowers to your living spaces. These include woolly blue curls, Heuchera maxima, Encelia Californica, and the famous California poppy. These natives are the perfect way to represent your surroundings and to incorporate fall’s aroma. 


Another way of adding color is through accessories and textures. Lift a room with smells of fall through the use of beeswax candles, whole spices, and pine cones. To practically adapt to the cooler months, add rugs, blankets, and towels that represent fall colors, including yellows, mustards, oranges, reds, and browns in a variety of textures that can be purchased at your local vintage store or Pottery Barn.

Make Fall 2021 a Season to Remember

You can expand on these tips to suit your taste by adding simple touches to each room. For example, use a straw basket to hold your toilet paper rather than storing it in a cupboard. Enjoy the new season with these simple tips representing trending decor designs yet still giving off those warm, fuzzy fall vibes.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month in Your Oakland Apartments

national ice cream month july

Were you aware that that July is National Ice Cream month? It’s a fun time to escape the heat and enjoy some cold dessert. There are so many types of ice cream out there as well, especially if you have any food restrictions. And your apartments in Oakland are near a few places that dish out delicious ice cream. However, if you’re more interested in staying at home, the good news is that you can make ice cream from there too!
Here are some facts you should know while you celebrate National Ice Cream month:
1. The good news is that there are quite a few different kinds of ice cream, like dairy, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and sherbert. You should use National Ice Cream month as an excuse to try them all. Sure, ice cream is sometimes high in calories, but not always. Do your research online if you’re interested in finding a sweet treat that is low in calories yet delicious in taste.
2. If you don’t want to leave your Oakland apartments, then you don’t have to! There are a variety of ways you actually prepare ice cream from your very own home. For tips on how to do that, click here. This will satisfy your cravings and make sure you are still safe regarding COVID-19.
3. And lastly, as mentioned above, Oakland has lots of great places to enjoy this cold dessert. You should try ice cream from Fenton’s Creamery because it’s close to your apartments and their reviews are great!
What will you do to celebrate National Ice Cream Month? Will you use the opportunity to try every type of ice cream you can? Will you take on the challenge of creating your own ice cream from home? Will you venture out to your local spots and try ice cream that Oakland has to offer? If you suggest any places specifically to try ice cream, comment below.

Tips for Working Remotely at Your Oakland Apartments

With the Coronavirus changing the infrastructure of how we live, it’s no surprise that most of us have been reduced to having to work from home. For a lot of us, this can be a huge adjustment, as we’re used to the structure of our everyday lives. However, we must adapt and take advantage of the beautiful space our Oakland apartments have to offer.

Here’s how to make working from your Oakland apartments easier.

  • Tip 1- Set up a workspace: One of the difficult things about working from home is separation from spots that keep you relaxed and other spots that keep you charged up. You definitely shouldn’t work from bed, as that contributes to poor sleep hygiene. You should work in a well-lit spot and try lighting some citrusy incense to keep your senses perked.
  • Tip 2- Take breaks and go for a walk: It can be difficult to work if you’re in the same space all day. Try and get out at least once a day so you have something to anticipate and something to clear your mind from. A walk around your Oakland apartments can be helpful and a good way to burn some calories.
  • Tip 3- Stick to a normal schedule/hours: Perhaps one of the most difficult things about working in your Oakland apartments is the fact that you have all the freedom to do anything you want. Make sure you set a schedule and stick to it, just like you would at your typical workplace. This will help you in terms of productivity and staying motivated.

Whether working at your Oakland apartments is temporary or something you’ve been doing a while now, there are certain things you can do to make your time working here easier. Then, once places are open again, you can start working from various coffee shops if you still have to work remotely. Hope this article helped on how you can adjust to working from home!

Celebrate Halloween Near Your Oakland Apartments

Well, it’s that time of year again where you can have fun with your “boo”! With Halloween coming up, it’s time to think about what you’re going to do to make the most of this spooky holiday. Lucky for you, there are quite a few things you can do on Halloween near your Oakland apartments. Whether you want to do something with just one friend or a group, here are some ideas on ways to have fun this Halloween:

• Go to a local Halloween event that you’ll find on this site. You might find more than one party/event going on if you do your research. Make sure you get your tickets early, as they may sell out!
• Check out your Facebook community page to see if anyone is hosting a haunted house, especially if you have kids.
• Go to your local party supply store and stock up on some Halloween decorations and candy to throw a fun get-together in your Oakland apartments. If you’re set on doing this, be sure to play a free Halloween soundtrack you can find on YouTube, have everyone wear costumes, and serve candy. Consider looking up some Halloween-related games on Google.

So whether you decide to check out Eventbrite to see what events are going on near your Oakland apartments or decide to throw a little shindig of your own, be sure to get planning at least a week before Halloween this year! If you don’t celebrate the holiday, consider watching intriguing documentaries from your Oakland apartments to at least revel in the spirit of the spooky and mysterious.

For more tips on how to make the most out of this holiday and celebrate Halloween the right way, click here; there’s so much more than trick-or-treating!

Add New Fragrances to Your Oakland Apartments

When people think about decorating their apartments, they usually focus on sight instead of the other four senses. Why is that? It’s just as important to live in a place where the ambiance has comforting sounds and smells as well. This year, as you transition from summer to fall, consider filling your apartments with flowers that provide you with a comforting fragrance. Your Oakland apartments will come to life as you bring in flowers and nurture them while they nurture you.

There are quite a few ways you can go when it comes to fragrance for your apartments. These flowers require their own maintenance rituals, which you can find online. They are a wonderful way to bring some much-needed life and soul into your apartment. And depending on which scent you decide on, it can set the entire ambiance for what you’re trying to go for.

For instance, if you want a scent that’s fragrance will leave you feeling refreshed and less anxious, then lavender is a good way to go. Lavender is notorious for having a great impact on one’s mental health and nerves. If you’re looking for something a bit more stimulating, having the smell of a citrus flower can be more beneficial. In fact, if you work from your Oakland apartments, it can be something that helps you get your work done. Finally, if you’re looking for a smell that overpowers all and leaves you with a sense of purity, gardenia might be the best way to go.

When decorating apartments, most people get so fixated on what it looks like that they forget the other senses that truly help create a home. Which fragrant flower will you choose to bring the best out of your Oakland apartments? You’d be surprised in what change of mood and attitude it can bring for you as well.

Go Green in Your Oakland Apartments

Are you search for ways to change the world without even leaving your Oakland apartments? Something you should consider doing is going green and making little changes here and there in your routine to assure that you are doing what you can to be environmentally friendly. If you’ve always been passionate about reducing your carbon footprint but just didn’t know how to get started, worry not! Below is a small list of tips you can follow in order to make the most out of your living situation in Oakland and do the most you can for the earth!

Mind Your Paper

Make an effort not to make so much trash. This means to use real dishware instead of paper and plastic plates, forks, and spoons. It means being cognizant of how much toilet paper and tissue paper you go through every day. It means using dishtowels you can rewash instead of paper towels to keep the house clean.

Grow it Yourself

Another fun way to go green is to get some small pots and begin to grow your own herbs, seasoning, and veggies in your house. This is relatively easy- something you can simply do some research on online or in person at Home Depot or Lowe’s for you to have these things ready on demand to reduce gas by driving to the store. It’s also just fun and promotes healthy eating.

Watch Your Water

Use less water if possible, even if you cut your shower time by two minutes.

Keep your Utilities Bill Low

Be mindful of how much electricity you use.

The last two tips should help you out when it comes to saving some money on your utility bills. Can you think of other ways to go green in your Oakland apartments? Maybe all these tips seem overwhelming- so begin implementing them one at a time. It’s a great way to make a small difference in this world and do your part to help the environment!

Summer Events Happening Near Your Oakland Apartments

Now that it’s July, do you find yourself looking for something fun to do this summer without spending too much money or traveling too far? Luckily, there are lots of summer events happening near your Oakland apartments. Whether it’s an art event you think you’d like to go to or a farmer’s market, there are plenty of activities going on that you’ll have a blast attending solo or with friends and family. You should take advantage of the great weather this July in Oakland and if you have to, force yourself to get out of your apartments, change your routine, and see what’s out there. Here are some things you can consider doing in Oakland.

1. Head over to your local farmer’s market and see if you can stock up on some new healthy foods while mingling with members of your community. See if you find a particular vendor that appeals to you, and then make it a weekly habit of visiting them for their products and service.

2. Look up bigger scale events that are happening in or around Oakland on Eventbrite. This is a great site that simply allows you to type in your zip code and the type of event you’re interested in going to, and then you’ll be able to filter things out for yourself.

3. Check out Oakland’s 19th Annual Art and Soul Festival late this July. For more details, click here.

So how will you do your best to keep yourself entertained this summer? Don’t just stay inside and watch TV or be glued to social media- do something productive, such as creating new memories for yourself! Let’s make it a priority to make this summer- specifically, this July 2019- the best one you’ve had yet.  And not just for yourself, but for your friends and family too!

Summer Cooking in Your Oakland Apartments

Looking for something fun to do this summer near your apartments in Oakland? A great idea would be to go to a local farmer’s market, whether it be alone or with friends and family, to stock up on some much-needed, fresh groceries. The great thing about the turn of the seasons is that there are so many new fruits and vegetables available for you to enjoy.

Here’s a list of some vegetables in season this summer:
• Radishes
• Arugula
• Cucumber
• Beets
• Bell Peppers
• Carrots
• Zucchini
• Garlic
• Corn
• Rhubarb

And here’s a list of fruits in season this summer:
• Apricots
• Plums
• Cherries
• Blackberries
• Nectarines
• Strawberries
• Peaches
• Tomatoes
• Passion Fruit
• Melon
• Lemon
• Limes

Here’s a delicious recipe for a Garden Chickpea Salad:
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
1/4 cup chopped tomato
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup olive oil
1 garlic clove, minced
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
3/4 cup canned garbanzo beans or chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 medium carrot, julienned
1 small zucchini, julienned
2 green onions, thinly sliced
1/2 cup coarsely chopped fresh parsley
1/4 cup thinly sliced radishes
1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
3 tablespoons chopped walnuts
3 cups spring mix salad greens

For dressing, in a dry small skillet, toast cumin seeds over medium heat until aromatic, stirring frequently. Transfer to a small bowl. Stir in tomato, lemon juice, oil, garlic, salt and cayenne pepper.
In a bowl, combine chickpeas, carrot, zucchini, green onions, parsley, radishes, cheese and walnuts. Stir in 1/3 cup dressing.
To serve, divide greens between two plates; top with chickpea mixture. Drizzle with remaining dressing.

So this summer, make sure to go to your local farmer’s market so you can stock up on the freshest, healthiest produce there is. In addition, consider checking out this site if you need ideas for inspiration when it comes to coming up with recipes for your delicious produce. So now that’s TWO summer activities you can enjoy near your apartments in Oakland – you can visit a local farmer’s market and you can attempt a new healthy recipe from home. What will you do to kick summer 2019 off the best way possible?