DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving at 777 Broadway


As Autumn rolls through the Bay Area, 777 Broadway Apartments wants to offer you some tips and ideas to spruce up your fall decor in celebration of the season! Apartment living doesn’t have to limit your creativity, and you may find these tips will help you create interior decor to be proud of. Let’s make fall 2021 one to remember with these handy trending decor ideas.

Why DIY?

There are several great reasons to create DIY seasonal decorations, so let’s look at a few of them here. By making your decor pieces yourself, you can custom-build everything to fit into your space. Matching color schemes, appropriate sizing, and utilizing floral elements or other design aspects that are appealing to you will help to make your creations feel like they fit in your home.

DIY creations are also excellent ways to utilize downtime. Whether you’re spending time with friends, partners, or little ones, it can be an inclusive activity to help bring people together. Self-made creations can also be a fantastic way to decorate on a budget. By planning your design, shopping for the best deals on materials, and putting it together yourself, you can save yourself from paying the markup that home decor stores charge on their products.

Perhaps the most critical aspect of the DIY design is the versatility that it brings. Making your decor items yourself offers you the option to reuse elements for future innovations. Several Halloween decoration staples- pumpkins, gourds, hay, and corn- work perfectly when creating designs for thanksgiving.

Create Trending Decor Items For Fall 2021

When creating your DIY design, remember that your imagination only limits you. Look through design blogs, social media posts and talk to your neighbors. A little planning and work can help you create impressive interior decor designs for fall 2021 and beyond.

Our Favorite Fall 2021 Decor Ideas For 777 Broadway Apartments


It’s hard to imagine 2021 is nearing the end. To celebrate the new fall season, add a twist to your apartment decor with a few small touches that bring your space to life. With these trending decor tips, apartment living at 777 Broadway is sure to be cozy and comforting this autumn.

Our Favorite Fall ’21 Trends

Implementing practical and aesthetically pleasing interior decor is easy with a few trending ideas. These include adding various colors, accessories, plants, and textures, such as velvet, leather, wood, metal, linen, and more. By layering textures on top of one another, you’ll instantly lift the mood and vibrancy during the fall months.

How to Adapt These Trends for Your Apartment

Indoor Plants and Flowers

An easy way to add a pop of color to your apartment is by bringing in a few native Californian plants and flowers to your living spaces. These include woolly blue curls, Heuchera maxima, Encelia Californica, and the famous California poppy. These natives are the perfect way to represent your surroundings and to incorporate fall’s aroma. 


Another way of adding color is through accessories and textures. Lift a room with smells of fall through the use of beeswax candles, whole spices, and pine cones. To practically adapt to the cooler months, add rugs, blankets, and towels that represent fall colors, including yellows, mustards, oranges, reds, and browns in a variety of textures that can be purchased at your local vintage store or Pottery Barn.

Make Fall 2021 a Season to Remember

You can expand on these tips to suit your taste by adding simple touches to each room. For example, use a straw basket to hold your toilet paper rather than storing it in a cupboard. Enjoy the new season with these simple tips representing trending decor designs yet still giving off those warm, fuzzy fall vibes.

It’s Time For Spring Cleaning At 777 Broadway

man cleaning house and using broom as guitar

It’s Time For Spring Cleaning At 777 Broadway !!

The Mental Health Benefits Of A Clean Home

Serenity goes out the window when you have to dig to find something you need, or constantly trip over things getting from point A to point B. Apartment living can become cramped at any time. Cleaning your home can have positive benefits on both your mental and physical health too. Like:

  • Lower Stress
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Headaches
  • Reduce allergies
  • Easier to relax
  • Sleep deeper And longer

Ways To Go Green With Your Cleaning Process

Look for the Green Leaf on your cleaning product labels or the recycle symbol. Green cleaning is double rewarding. By going “Green” you can help clean and protect the Earth. You also avoid harsh chemicals that can cause headaches or worse. Not into chemical cleaners? Try using these natural ingredients you may already have laying around.

  • Vinegar
  • Lemon Juice
  • Baking Soda
  • Heat / Steam
  • Rubbing alcohol / Hydrogen Peroxide
  • & Many More

Check out this great article on Natural Cleaning Tips and Tricks. It’s full of amazing recipes and hacks too. A healthier option for you and those you love also.

Local Cleaning Service For Hire

It’s not always beneficial to push all of that dust around yourself if you have physical limitations or allergies so here are a few maid services to consider.

Have fun with your cleaning. Make it a game or a competition and get the whole family involved in helping. If you’re not prone to allergies, then enjoy the spring breeze through your open window while airing out your apartment. A clean home means a clean mind.


Thanksgiving Fun at 777 Broadway

Thanksgiving dinner table with hands passing food to naother member of the table

The pandemic has left many of us with doubt and uncertainty in our minds about how the festive holidays is going to play out. But if there’s anything Americans like more than road trips, it’s recreating moments. Home chefs throughout the country are coming up with methods to make the holiday feel extraordinary even in these weird times. The lack of traditional Thanksgiving formalities like a traditional dinner-table meeting has made people appreciate the finer sentiments about the day. Cooking may be a good way of staying connected, expressing gratitude and making memories.

Recipes and Cooking Tips


If the weather is expected to be favorable on the day at Broadway, think about taking full advantage and throw an outdoor celebration. This makes it easier for several families to gather at a safe distance outside. You can host the party at a nearby recreational area. Organize a feast with a designated food station which enables each family to take turns dishing out their own food. Otherwise, you can portion the food beforehand in individual containers and then distribute it at the party.

Safety in the Kitchen

Kitchen Etiquette

There are so many things to do on Thanksgiving.  Given our current circumstances, social distancing as well as working independently is extremely imperative. Doing many things at once can cause you to be forgetful. To avoid forgetting what is cooking on the stove, set a timer. You can also set reminders on your phone to remind you about certain tasks that need to be completed in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can create a checklist on a white page and stick it on the fridge.

Online Black Friday Shopping

Shopping Ideas 

If you are looking for some great savings for this festive season, the Rockridge Market Hall will be having some amazing online Black Friday shopping specials. This includes delicious Thanksgiving specials and Christmas specials which can be ordered online at the best-discounted prices. All products are available for pick up or delivery.

This year’s Thanksgiving celebrations may be a little different from the usual. However, this gives us the chance to create new traditions as well as new memories. It teaches us that the little things do matter. The most important thing is that you remember to keep your spirits high during this festive season.

Find A New Apartment to Call Home This Summer

Apartments in Oakland

Find A New Apartment to Call Home This Summer

Apartments in Oakland

Are you searching for your next great apartment? Well, look no further than the 777 Broadway Apartments in Oakland, CA. However you and yours enjoy spending your time, you will find something for the whole family at 777 Broadway.

Whether you like spending your time at home or out and about, the 777 Broadway Apartments has something for everyone! We are within walking distance of the 12th Street BART station, meaning the entire Bay Area is just a short walk away. Our local community also achieved a 99 WalkScore meaning you’ll always be just minutes from what you need, without having to take your car. When you do have to take your car, no worries, there is always assigned parking when you get back. For days spent in your apartment, you will find nothing but comfort. Our apartments come with large windows giving great views, luxury hardwood-style floors, and many of our apartments come with a patio or balcony for those perfect California evenings.

Do not wait any longer, move into a new apartment this summer at the 777 Broadway Apartments in Oakland, CA. The 777 Broadway Apartments are located at 777 Broadway Oakland, CA 94607. Tour the community by calling (510) 824-8649 today!

Celebrate Memorial Day Near You This Year

Apartments in Oakland, CA

Celebrate Memorial Day Near You This Year

Apartments in Oakland, CA

Searching for the perfect Memorial Day Weekend event in the Bay Area can be both time-consuming and challenging. Well, allow us to help! This year, why not check out Carnaval San Francisco, one of the country’s largest Latin America and Caribbean festivals? Located just a short drive from the 777 Broadway Apartments in Oakland, CA, Carnaval is a great way to spend Memorial Day with your family!

Celebrating its fortieth year, Carnaval San Francisco has something for everyone! If you love shopping, there will be many vendors selling everything from jewelry to paintings, making Carnaval a great place to pick something up for a loved one, or yourself. The festival also includes a parade featuring colorful and informational floats, and is a must see for anyone attending. Finally, throughout the two-day festival, there will be live music from some of the best local bands around! Of course, if you ever need a break, you also have the entire city to explore!

What are you waiting for? Make a plan to visit Carnaval San Francisco this Memorial Day Weekend. The festival takes place on Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th in the Mission District of San Francisco. For more information on the event, including schedules and parking information, visit The Mission District in San Francisco is located just thirty-minutes from the 777 Broadway Apartments in Oakland, CA.